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Privacy Manager


Welcome to the Lotame Privacy Center. Through the links on this page, you can make certain choices regarding how Lotame processes your Personal Data, such as to limit the “sale” or “sharing” of your Personal Data held by us in our Lotame Data Marketplace, as those terms are defined by applicable law, as well as to stop the use of our pseudonymous IDs for targeted advertising by companies that use our Services. Additionally, consumers located in certain jurisdictions can also request access, correction, or deletion of their Personal Data held by us in our Lotame Data Marketplace. If you would like to learn more about our collection, use, and sharing practices, please review our Services Privacy Notice.

The information on this page is for individuals whose Personal Data may be included in our Lotame Data Marketplace.

BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVE REQUESTS: If you are a current or former user of the Lotame Platform (for example, you are or were employed by a Business Customer or Data Partner), please visit our Corporate Privacy Notice for more information regarding the collection and processing of your business contact information and for more information regarding data subject requests, which can be submitted using our Business Representative Privacy Rights Requests form

For capitalized, undefined terms used on this page, please see our Glossary.

This page contains the following sections:

Global Browser Opt-Out

Privacy Rights Request Form

Authorized Agents

Third-Party IDs

Global Browser Opt-Out

(Applies only to opt-outs of Interest-Based Advertising, Personal Data sales, and other restrictions on processing.)


You can click on the Opt-Out button above to opt-out of having the Lotame Platform used by our Business Customers and Data Partners to collect any Personal Data from this browser and to stop use of the Lotame Cookie ID for interest-based advertising, content personalization, or any other purpose.

When you click on the Opt-Out button, an opt-out cookie (from crwdcntrl.com) will be stored in your browser so that our Platform will know the choice you have made when it sees the opt-out cookie, and your choice will apply to all our Business Customers and Data Partners. Additionally, the Lotame Cookie ID will be deleted from our Platform.

You can also use the third-party tools listed below:

  • In the United States, you can use the Digital Advertising Alliance’s WebChoices Tool or the Network Advertising Initiative’s (NAI) Browser Opt-Out Tool.
  • In Europe, you can use the opt-out tool available at the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s Your Online Choices.
  • In Canada, you can use the tools available at Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada’s AdChoices.

Please note the following limitations apply when using any Browser Opt-Out:

  • The opt-out cookie is a “third-party cookie” so if your browser is blocking or does not support third-party cookies, we will not be able to set that cookie. Additionally, if you blocked Advertising Cookies, we will not be able to set the opt-out cookie. If we cannot set the opt-out cookie, we will not be able to honor your choice.
  • If you delete your third-party cookies, this browser will no longer be opted-out and you will need to allow third-party cookies from crwdcntrl.com and renew your opt-out choice.
  • Your opt-out applies only to Personal Data that was collected through this browser by companies using Lotame’s Services. You may still receive online advertising from other companies, and those companies may still collect your Personal Data.
  • Your opt-out is applicable only for this browser. If you use other browsers, you will need to follow this process for those browsers. For other devices, see Mobile Device Opt-Out and Television Opt-Out below.

Mobile Device Opt-Out

To opt-out of the collection and use of Personal Data for interest-based advertising on your mobile device, you can modify the settings on your mobile device. Please note that the specific opt-out instructions for each device may differ depending on which version of the operating system software you are running. Instructions on how to opt-out from many mobile operating systems are available at the NAI’s Learn About Mobile Device Opt-Outs.

Alternatively, you may wish to download the TrustE mobile application or the Digital Advertising Alliance “AppChoices” mobile application and follow the instructions provided. You may opt-out of the collection and use of data by Lotame specifically, or by all companies that offer a mobile application opt-out via the TrustE or AppChoices app. Your opt-out choice is applied only to the collection of data from applications on the device from which you opt-out.

Television Opt-Out

Lotame licenses television viewership data from third parties that offer smart TVs and video streaming devices. Instructions on how to opt-out from many popular smart TVs and video streaming devices are available at the NAI’s Learn About Internet Connected TV Choices.

Privacy Rights Request Form

You can also submit your privacy rights requests using our Privacy Rights Request Form. For most requests, Data Protection and Privacy Laws require us to verify your identity in order to process your request and we do that using your email address. If you do not want to provide your email address, we will be unable to process your request. When you submit the form, we will automatically collect certain information from this browser (for example, pseudonymous IDs that Lotame assigned to this browser) in order to process your request.

The Lotame Platform does not maintain identifying information about individuals; therefore, you should only submit a request from a browser or device that is owned or controlled by you. Additionally, do not include additional information such as phone number, home address, personal ID information, or other information that can directly identify you, as this is not necessary and cannot be used to process your request.

All information you submit to us using our Privacy Rights Request Form will be used only for completing your request, including communicating with you about your request.

Please note that requests submitted through this form will only apply to Personal Data held on our Platform in our Lotame Data Marketplace. For more information regarding Personal Data that we collected on behalf of or for a Business Customer, you must contact that company. For more information regarding Personal Data that we obtained from a Data Provider, and used by our clients and partners, we will provide you with the Data Partner name in an access request and you must contact the Data Partner.

Requests to correct or rectify Personal Data

Under certain Data Protection and Privacy Laws you may have the right to request the correction of inaccuracies you find in Personal Data that we process. Please note that Lotame obtains your Personal Data from third-parties and uses machine learning algorithms to determine which categories, which the advertising industry calls an Audience or Audience Segment, your email or the Pseudonymous IDs assigned to your device are included in. As such, it is generally not feasible for Lotame to correct the categories in which your email and Pseudonymous IDs assigned to your devices are included in because any updates from our sources will likely restore the “incorrect” data.

Below you will see a display of the Audiences in which the pseudonymous ID assigned to this browser is included in.

Authorized Agents

If you are an authorized agent, please submit requests for each individual separately to privacy@lotame.com. Include the power of attorney executed lawfully under the appropriate state law or some other signed written authorization from the individual, the email address and any pseudonymous IDs assigned to the individual’s devices for which we need to process the request, and an attestation that you have verified the identity of the individual and that you have verified that the IDs submitted are associated with browsers or devices owned or controlled by the individual. Please also include the legal entity name of the authorized agent.

Third-Party IDs

You can visit the following links to exercise opt-out or other privacy rights related to other identifiers with which Lotame may synchronize: