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Data Marketplace Buyers

Access global, high-quality addressable audiences from premium publishers. Understand and target consumers more effectively with trusted data at scale.

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Create Addressable Audiences Everywhere

Execute true people-based marketing across browsers, devices, and platforms, including social and CTV, with the world’s trusted global marketplace. Lotame data collaboration solutions link attributes and behaviors across first-, second-, and third-party data using our powerful Panorama Identity so you can reach the connected consumer everywhere.


Drive campaign performance with efficient and scalable Lotame Data Exchange pre-packaged audiences available in your DSP today.

Build direct, valuable relationships with premium publishers via data collaboration tools.

Assemble or model your own custom addressable audiences with any / all Lotame data. Or ask our data experts to source new or niche data.

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Preserve and maximize addressability across browsers, devices, and platforms – no third-party cookies required.

Activate addressable audiences across Lotame’s extensive omnichannel integration partners, including DSPs, CDPs, social channels, and analytics and measurement platforms. 

Fuel planning and modeling for data science with a raw firehose of third-party data from billions of consumer profiles.

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What Buyers Care About

Drive campaign performance with high-quality, premium data at scale from the world's trusted data marketplace
Easily access the rich data you need for personas, insights, targeting, and more
Build seamless, direct second-party relationships with publishers
Tap into our local data expertise for custom insights or niche data needs